7 - 8 AUG 2019

Jakarta Convention Centre, Senayan Jakarta

About The Show

Indonesia is a leading producer and exporter in a wide range of Industrial metals and is home to the world's largest gold mine. A Government push to develop domestic mineral processing Industries has provoked strong criticism from upstream producers, but it could lead to attractive Investment opportunities.

Extractive metallurgy is gaining more and more attention and in the last 9 years. The first very important milestone was the release of the Coals and Minerals Act No.4 (2009) by activity should be processed in the country and thus the mining company should build the processing facilities and/or develop cooperation with the party witch builds the processing facilities to meet the required technical criteria The following year GOI issued the Government Regulation No 23 (2010) further detailing The Act about the time frame as well as the stock divestment for the foreign-owned mining company.

Series of regulations have been issued up to date, however, the progress of the processing facilities in the Industry is considered to be very slow as there are many parameters need to be considered in building capital-intensive processing facilities and creating many new metallurgical business ecosystem