7 - 8 AUG 2019

Jakarta Convention Centre, Senayan Jakarta


The existence of Metallurgical Engineering - Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) Has been started since ITB was part of University of Indonesia(UI) Engineering Faculty as Mining Engineering. In ITB, Metallurgy has formally been one of courses subject and become one section of Mining Engineering since 1963. On 9 June 2006, Metallurgy has transformed from section in Mining Engineering department into independent Engineering Program called Metallurgical Engineering.

Having huge number of Alumni of Metallurgical Engineering who has been spread throughout part of the world and contribution as well as involvement in various industries we are aware with the importance of alumni's contributions through mining, mineral and metal advancement. Therefore, we need to establish an institution to embrace all alumni and to realize the commitment into real action. This institution was declared and established by Metallurgical Engineering alumni at the event of Metallurgical Engineering Alumni Congress on 25 November 2017 in Bandung called 'IKATAN ALUMNI TEKNIK METALURGI'(IA-MET) ITB".

Together we can contribute and face the challenges of Indonesia's future towards independences of mineral resources as one of the stakeholders of mining mineral and metal. Industry in Indonesia.


Durban L. Ardjo (Pricinple Geoservices)
Rozik B Soetjipto (Commissioner of Bayan Resources)
RidwanDjamaludin (Deputy III of Coordinating Ministry of Maritime/Chairman of IA ITB)
Budi Gunadi Sadikin (President Director of PT Inalum)
Winardi (Board of Directors of PT Pupuk Indonesia)
Ido Hutabarat (CEO of PT Arutmin)
Tedy Badrujaman (Professional Metallurgist)
Prof. Syoni Soepriyanto (Metallurgical Engineering ITB)
Tato Miraza (Professional Metallurgist)
Bouman T. Situmorang (Chairman of IA Met ITB)


: Erika Silva, S.T.
: Jimbarlow Gultom, S.T.
: Leo Yuliyardi, S.T., M.msc
: Prasasti Yudaprawira, S.T
Sponsorship Coordinator
: Ir. Agus Jayana, M.M
Exhibition Coordinator
: Glenda Enzy Vyona, S.T.
Conference Coordinator
: Andika Gumilar, S.T.
Publication and Documentation
: Fikri Irsyad, S.T.